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May this festival of lights illumine our minds and lives and dispel darkness from within us and around us, and bring joy to our hearts and homes, and strengthen our families and communities. Wish you a very happy Diwali. Fr. Armstrong S.J Principal.

Awards & Achievements

Each category has eight awards for a student’s or group’s significant contribution in the assigned areas. Each award is a gift of the interest on Rs. 5000/-.

  • Promotion of Literacy Award : Literacy campaigns, educating poor children, conducting non-formal & informal classes.
  • Environment Conciousness Award : Anti-pollution campaigns, ecological concerns, environment protection, planting trees etc.
  • Social Awareness Award : Campaign for human rights. Fearless action for justice and social evils, anti-dowry campaigns etc.
  • Creative Life Award : Creativity in constructive work conscientisation and opinion mobilisation against drugs & alcoholism, community health programmes, drinking water and sanitation programmes, preventive medicine, etc.
  • National Intergration Award : Appreciation of pluralistic faiths and lifestyles, campaigns against communalism and religious fundamentalism, action for peace and unity etc.
  •  Promotion of Indian Culture Award : Indian art, music, dance, cultural festivals, promotion of the heritage of Bihar etc.
  • Patna Beautification Award : Community awareness and mobilisation for cleaning and beautifying one’s locality with a follow-up system for the maintenance of the same.
  •  Promotion of Science Awareness : Creating awareness of the importance of science in our daily life, projects benefitting rural development, indigenous technology and creating a scientific temper and awareness of the environment through science.


Scholarship For Needy Students : Interest on Rs. 85,000/-

1. St. Ignatius Loyola Scholarship.

1. Suman Kumari Memorial Award (For students of 12th - Accounts,
Physics, Maths. & Music) : Interest on Rs. 40,000/-

Scholarship For Needy Students : Interest on Rs. 25,000/-
1. Satyanarayan Patwari Scholarship.

Scholarship For Needy Students : Interest on Rs. 20,000/-
1. Fr. Cox Memorial (SMAA) Scholarship.

Scholarship For Needy Students : Interest on Rs. 15,000/-

  • Avadh Bihari Narayan Singh Memorial Scholarship.
  • Ksskayjay Ispat Ltd., Scholarship.
  •  St. Michael's P.T.A. Executive (97-98) Scholarship.
  •  St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive (98-99) Scholarship.
  •  St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive (99-2000) Scholarship.
  • St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive (2000-2001) Scholarship.
  • St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive (2001-2002) Scholarship.
  • St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive (2002-2003) Scholarship.
  • St. Michael's P.T.A. Executive (2003-2004) Scholarship.
  • St. Michael's P.T.A. Executive (2004-2005) Scholarship.

Scholarships for Needy Students : Interest on Rs. 10,000/-

  • St. Michael’s P.T.A Executive (’92-93') Scholarship.
  • Paremeshwar Prasad Singh Memorial Scholarship for student of class X.
  • Rama Traders Scholarship.
  • St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive (’93-94') Scholarship.
  • St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive (’94-95') Scholarship.
  • Fr. Wrobleski Memorial Scholarship.
  •  Nilanjan Palit Memorial Scholarship.
  • Smt. Shanti Devi Scholarship.
  • St. Michael’s P.T.A Executive (’95-96') Scholarship.
  • Bharti Bhawan Scholarship.
  • B. Choudhary Scholarship.
  • Reliance Agencies Scholarship.
  • Oriental Agencies Scholarship.
  • St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive ('96-97') Scholarship.
  • Dr. B. K. Chandra & Dr. Poonam Choudhury Award.
  • Jitendra Kr. Sinha Memorial Scholarship.
  • St. Michael's Alumni Association (06-07).

Scholarships For Needy Students : interest on Rs. 5,000/-

  • Mr. Deepak Kumar Jaiswal Scholarship.
  • Mr. H.L. Gulati Scholarship. (For student of Std. V).
  •  Sasaram Diesels Scholarship.
  • Hindustan Malleables & Forgings Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Deepak Kr. Agarwalla Scholarship. (For a student of Std.VII).
  • Bihar Trading Scholarship.
  • Union Enterprises Scholarship.
  • The Sakchi Stores Scholarship.
  • Sri Bhom Raj Jain Scholarship.
  • Honour of Blessed Virgin Mary (Anonymous).
  • Gangabai Singh Memorial Scholarship.
  • Shree Shanti Lata Prasad Scholarship.
  • The Hindustan Times Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Smt. Ganpati Hansaria Scholarship.
  • Sri Dayanand Yadav Scholarship.
  • Shree Khatuwalla Re-rolling Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Sri Sajjan Kumar Drolia Scholarship.
  • Ms. P.P. Sinha Memorial Scholarship.
  • Trans (India) International Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Dr. P.L. Khemka Scholarship.
  •  Mr. Ashok Batra Scholarship.
  • Late Lalchand Dada & Smt. Lajwant Dada Memorial Scholarship.
  • Ms. Meera Jha Scholarship.
  • Mr. Ganesh Kr. Khetriwal Scholarship.
  • Mr. Prof. S.N. Ashraf Scholarship.
  • Mr. C.D. Singh Scholarship.
  • Mr. Jagdish Prasad Scholarship.
  • M/s. Kumar Iron & Steel Co Scholarship.
  • Sri Shankar Prasad Lohia Scholarship.
  • Bata India Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Pitambar Publishing Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Kiran Prakashan Scholarship.
  • Gyan Ganga Distributors Pvt. Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Manohar Keshri Memorial Scholarship.
  • Tribal Scholarship. (Anonymous).
  • Smt. Prabhavati Devi Memorial Scholarship.
  • FIy. Lft. B.P. Sharma Memorial Scholarship.
  • Dr. M.Y. Chiang Memorial Scholarship.
  • Kedar Nath Bairoliya Memorial Scholarship.
  • Mr. Bharat Kumar Scholarship.
  • Brahma Tiwari Memorial Scholarship.
  • Mr. Vijay Kumar Gupta Scholarship.
  • Frank Brothers (Publisher) Ltd. Scholarship.
  •  Mr. M.P. Agrawal Scholarship.
  • Agarwal Fancy Stores Scholarship.
  • Late Mrs. Rafat Ahmad Scholarship.
  • Late Mrs. K. Venkeamma Scholarship.
  • Hindustan Steel Supply Co. Scholarship.
  • Tribhuvan Electricals Scholarship.
  • Khandelwal Insulations(P) Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Ravindra Prasad Singh Scholarship.
  • Rameshwar Prasad Jhunjhunwala Scholarship.
  • Sujoy Guha Memorial Scholarship.
  • Ms. Nisha Agarwal Scholarship.
  • Late Ram Narain Gupta Scholarship.
  • Balgovind Satyabhama Memorial Scholarship.

Angeline Dhupia Memorial Scholarship for the Best Musician of the Primary School: Interest on Rs.5000


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