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Awards & Achievements

Each category has eight awards for a student’s or group’s significant contribution in the assigned areas. Each award is a gift of the interest on Rs. 5000/-.

  • Promotion of Literacy Award : Literacy campaigns, educating poor children, conducting non-formal & informal classes.
  • Environment Conciousness Award : Anti-pollution campaigns, ecological concerns, environment protection, planting trees etc.
  • Social Awareness Award : Campaign for human rights. Fearless action for justice and social evils, anti-dowry campaigns etc.
  • Creative Life Award : Creativity in constructive work conscientisation and opinion mobilisation against drugs & alcoholism, community health programmes, drinking water and sanitation programmes, preventive medicine, etc.
  • National Intergration Award : Appreciation of pluralistic faiths and lifestyles, campaigns against communalism and religious fundamentalism, action for peace and unity etc.
  •  Promotion of Indian Culture Award : Indian art, music, dance, cultural festivals, promotion of the heritage of Bihar etc.
  • Patna Beautification Award : Community awareness and mobilisation for cleaning and beautifying one’s locality with a follow-up system for the maintenance of the same.
  •  Promotion of Science Awareness : Creating awareness of the importance of science in our daily life, projects benefitting rural development, indigenous technology and creating a scientific temper and awareness of the environment through science.


Scholarship For Needy Students : Interest on Rs. 85,000/-

1. St. Ignatius Loyola Scholarship.

1. Suman Kumari Memorial Award (For students of 12th - Accounts,
Physics, Maths. & Music) : Interest on Rs. 40,000/-

Scholarship For Needy Students : Interest on Rs. 25,000/-
1. Satyanarayan Patwari Scholarship.

Scholarship For Needy Students : Interest on Rs. 20,000/-
1. Fr. Cox Memorial (SMAA) Scholarship.

Scholarship For Needy Students : Interest on Rs. 15,000/-

  • Avadh Bihari Narayan Singh Memorial Scholarship.
  • Ksskayjay Ispat Ltd., Scholarship.
  •  St. Michael's P.T.A. Executive (97-98) Scholarship.
  •  St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive (98-99) Scholarship.
  •  St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive (99-2000) Scholarship.
  • St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive (2000-2001) Scholarship.
  • St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive (2001-2002) Scholarship.
  • St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive (2002-2003) Scholarship.
  • St. Michael's P.T.A. Executive (2003-2004) Scholarship.
  • St. Michael's P.T.A. Executive (2004-2005) Scholarship.

Scholarships for Needy Students : Interest on Rs. 10,000/-

  • St. Michael’s P.T.A Executive (’92-93') Scholarship.
  • Paremeshwar Prasad Singh Memorial Scholarship for student of class X.
  • Rama Traders Scholarship.
  • St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive (’93-94') Scholarship.
  • St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive (’94-95') Scholarship.
  • Fr. Wrobleski Memorial Scholarship.
  •  Nilanjan Palit Memorial Scholarship.
  • Smt. Shanti Devi Scholarship.
  • St. Michael’s P.T.A Executive (’95-96') Scholarship.
  • Bharti Bhawan Scholarship.
  • B. Choudhary Scholarship.
  • Reliance Agencies Scholarship.
  • Oriental Agencies Scholarship.
  • St. Michael’s P.T.A. Executive ('96-97') Scholarship.
  • Dr. B. K. Chandra & Dr. Poonam Choudhury Award.
  • Jitendra Kr. Sinha Memorial Scholarship.
  • St. Michael's Alumni Association (06-07).

Scholarships For Needy Students : interest on Rs. 5,000/-

  • Mr. Deepak Kumar Jaiswal Scholarship.
  • Mr. H.L. Gulati Scholarship. (For student of Std. V).
  •  Sasaram Diesels Scholarship.
  • Hindustan Malleables & Forgings Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Deepak Kr. Agarwalla Scholarship. (For a student of Std.VII).
  • Bihar Trading Scholarship.
  • Union Enterprises Scholarship.
  • The Sakchi Stores Scholarship.
  • Sri Bhom Raj Jain Scholarship.
  • Honour of Blessed Virgin Mary (Anonymous).
  • Gangabai Singh Memorial Scholarship.
  • Shree Shanti Lata Prasad Scholarship.
  • The Hindustan Times Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Smt. Ganpati Hansaria Scholarship.
  • Sri Dayanand Yadav Scholarship.
  • Shree Khatuwalla Re-rolling Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Sri Sajjan Kumar Drolia Scholarship.
  • Ms. P.P. Sinha Memorial Scholarship.
  • Trans (India) International Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Dr. P.L. Khemka Scholarship.
  •  Mr. Ashok Batra Scholarship.
  • Late Lalchand Dada & Smt. Lajwant Dada Memorial Scholarship.
  • Ms. Meera Jha Scholarship.
  • Mr. Ganesh Kr. Khetriwal Scholarship.
  • Mr. Prof. S.N. Ashraf Scholarship.
  • Mr. C.D. Singh Scholarship.
  • Mr. Jagdish Prasad Scholarship.
  • M/s. Kumar Iron & Steel Co Scholarship.
  • Sri Shankar Prasad Lohia Scholarship.
  • Bata India Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Pitambar Publishing Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Kiran Prakashan Scholarship.
  • Gyan Ganga Distributors Pvt. Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Manohar Keshri Memorial Scholarship.
  • Tribal Scholarship. (Anonymous).
  • Smt. Prabhavati Devi Memorial Scholarship.
  • FIy. Lft. B.P. Sharma Memorial Scholarship.
  • Dr. M.Y. Chiang Memorial Scholarship.
  • Kedar Nath Bairoliya Memorial Scholarship.
  • Mr. Bharat Kumar Scholarship.
  • Brahma Tiwari Memorial Scholarship.
  • Mr. Vijay Kumar Gupta Scholarship.
  • Frank Brothers (Publisher) Ltd. Scholarship.
  •  Mr. M.P. Agrawal Scholarship.
  • Agarwal Fancy Stores Scholarship.
  • Late Mrs. Rafat Ahmad Scholarship.
  • Late Mrs. K. Venkeamma Scholarship.
  • Hindustan Steel Supply Co. Scholarship.
  • Tribhuvan Electricals Scholarship.
  • Khandelwal Insulations(P) Ltd. Scholarship.
  • Ravindra Prasad Singh Scholarship.
  • Rameshwar Prasad Jhunjhunwala Scholarship.
  • Sujoy Guha Memorial Scholarship.
  • Ms. Nisha Agarwal Scholarship.
  • Late Ram Narain Gupta Scholarship.
  • Balgovind Satyabhama Memorial Scholarship.

Angeline Dhupia Memorial Scholarship for the Best Musician of the Primary School: Interest on Rs.5000


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